Bali based Outdoor Photographer and Interior Designer


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  1. Hi,
    I stay in Bali and I would like to use a picture of you for a real estate website, I think that you have some photos that are really beautiful ! Great job !
    Tell me if it’s possible and how PLS.


  2. Awesome work and nice job on the long exposures. Was looking for some great locations to shoot on my upcoming trip to Bali. Thanks for the great images. Let me know if you would like to shoot together while I am there (Jan 2012)

  3. Hi Jessy!

    First of all, great work! I’m the art director for Jack and Jill kids magazine based in Indianapolis, Indiana USA. We are running a one page fact sheet about Golden Tortoise Beetles in our March/April 2013 issue. I found your image http://www.flickr.com/photos/tropicaliving/1728578925/ and would absolutely love to use the image on the page. I’m not quite sure how to contact you, so don’t be surprised when you see messages from me on your twitter or facebook! If you get this message please let me know if you’re interested in sharing it, selling one rights, or whatever and of course we’ll give you a credit line. Thanks!!! Jenifer

  4. Hi Jessy,

    It’s Jenifer again, from Jack and Jill magazine,I haven’t heard back from you, but am wondering if you are interested in selling 1x rights to use your Golden Tortoise Beetle image? Let me know what you think. -Jenifer j.saulovic@cbhi.org

  5. Hi Jessy,

    I would be interested in using several photos of yours on a new TV channel we are launching called Slide. Please send me an email if you are interested.


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