CALL FOR ACTION: Show your support for maximum penalty for tiger smuggler in Payakumbuh (Sumatra – Indonesia) by pressing the LIKE button here:…
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We are aiming 5000 supports to be handed in to Payakumbuh District Courts by third week of October 2011 -which is only in few days-, demanding maximum penalty for the tiger smuggler.


The Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) is a subspecies of tiger found on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Recent genetic testing has revealed the presence of unique genetic markers, which isolate Sumatran tigers from all mainland subspecies.
Currently, there are only 100-400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild.

– On March 2011, a suspected tiger smuggler was arrested in Payakumbuh, Sumatra, Indonesia.
– On August 2011, he was brought to court for allegedly breaking Indonesian law for keeping, transporting and trading endangered species and is subjected to five years’ imprisonment and a Rp 100 million (US$11,200) fine.
– On September 2011, prosecutors recommended a very light sentence, for only 3 million Rupiah ($340) in fines and 3 years in prison.
Those punishment are not even equal with the profits the poacher has gained for years. For one transaction, the poacher can get profit until 150 Million Rupiah!

The final sentence could even lighter than the prosecutor’s recommendation! It won’t stop the poachers from committing the same crime which will bring the tigers to extinction!!
Tigers extinction will definitely danger the balance of the nature!! Don’t wait ’til the law of nature acts for their own good!




I am not making profit from this post/image, so please help me to spread the message..We have a moral responsibility to protect them, not to harm them. Your small help will make a huge difference for the future of Sumatran tiger and the future of our nature…

Please feel free to download the image for your desktop wallpaper ((1460 x 1152)):


One response to “Save THE TIGERS

  1. It is very frustrating to see how few consideration the majority of Indonesian people gives to wildlife. I am not blaming them, but there is a fact: when the endangered species are all disapeared, it’s too late. It’s done. No “second chance”.

    I join you on this cause, Jessy.

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